Ten Ways to Promote Your Video

So you think you’re keeping up with the times when it comes to promoting your company and it’s products or services. But have you included corporate videos to your list? If yes, no need to read further and keep doing what you’re doing while knowing that nearly 60% of consumers watch videos about products they are looking to purchase.

If no, you will need to know that video marketing and video promotion is the easiest way to gain new customers and increase revenue and brand awareness. Marketing videos allows your customers to comment on your advertisement and products, as well as generate attention to and discussion about your company.

Once you’ve realized how crucial video promotion is, be sure to read these top ten ways to advertise your hard work.

    1. Optimized title: The title is what people look for, so make sure you understand video SEO optimization, which is picking a unique yet relevant main keyword that people will most likely search for.
  • SEO description: If you add in a description that doesn’t appear to be stuffed with keywords, your customers will be happy to click on your video.
  • Link it: Any video production company will tell you to promote your video on YouTube (which has 4 billion views every day) and always make sure to link it back to your original company website or blog.
  • Make it Pin-able: Pinterest is the red hot site to post videos to these days, but make sure you have a link back to your website or YouTube channel in the description box so people can find out more about your company.
  • “Like” it: This may seem silly or cheesy, but the more “Likes” your video gets, the higher up on your friend’s and customer’s newsfeed you will be.
  • Share it: If “Liking” your own video is against your moral reasoning, at least share it. This will actually get people’s attention even more and will generate more clicks.
  • Tweet it: Again dealing with social media, share your video to all your followers and include hashtags that people can use when talking about your product.
  • Google+: Did you know YouTube is owned by Google? That means anything you post to Google+ will be more readily seen and searched on YouTube.
  • Blog it: Blogs usually generate a ton of views per month, and Google likes this. Writing a blog post that includes multi-media in the form of a video will only help you.
  • Respond via video: If someone out there has a video on a similar product or service you provide and has posted a video about it, respond in kind — with your own video.

Video promotion can help increase your online visibility, as well as your search engine rankings, so you have nothing to lose with advertising! Find out more here.

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