Hail To The King Of Rock And Roll

Elvis aloha from hawaii

Just hearing the name Elvis Presley invokes images of a glamorous and exciting time in music. Though Elvis, better known as the “King Of Rock And Roll” only performed five concerts outside of the United States, he is world renowned for his musical and acting abilites, in addition to his good looks and charisma. Though Elvis Presley’s music was most popular in the late 1950’s and continued to gain popularity until his untimely death in 1977, he is still regarded as an iconic figure in the music and entertainment industry today. For example, as recently as 2005 three different singles by Elvis Presley topped the charts in the United Kingdom.

Though, unfortunately, Elvis Presley is no longer alive, fans in the United States and worldwide are still able to enjoy his music by attending an authentic Elvis show or Elvis performance. For many, Elvis’ live performance in Hawaii in 1973 was one of his most memorable, and also the most expensive. “Aloha From Hawaii” was the most expensive entertainment special at that time, cost over $2.5 million in production fees alone. However, fans today can still enjoy and relive “Aloha From Hawaii” by attending a live performance on Maui by a talented Elvis performer. These nostalgic performances take audiences on journey through Elvis’ visits in Hawaii by way of his music and choreography. Fans are able to relive the feeling and era during which Elvis performed.

However, Elvis Presley was much more than a talented musician. He was also an actor, and starred in over 31 feature films throughout his entertainment career. For many, Elvis Presley was much more than just a handsome face, or a singer and actor. He became an icon, a living legend, and the King Of Rock And Roll.

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