The Rich Cultural History of Native American Arts and Crafts

Native american weapons

Are you interested in the culture of the indigenous people of the Americas? Perhaps you have a personal collection of authentic Native American arts and crafts to which you would like to add.

There are many different kinds of Native American crafts and Native American weapons, all with a rich cultural history and specific practical purpose. When it comes to hunting specifically, common game included turkey, elk, duck, rabbit, geese, and buffalo, as well as fish. After using various parts of an animal for food, shelter, and clothing, the skull may be utilized as artwork, embellished by beads, carvings, and other decorations that have great aesthetic value. A buffalo skull is one example of an item that might be used in this manner.

This kind of artwork functions in the way that it has for Native Americans for hundreds and hundreds of years–as a means of storytelling and expression. Totem polls, which are carved from wood and then painted, are among the most ubiquitous and complex mediums in Native American art.

With regard to Native American crafts, there are strong, woven baskets comprised of corn husks and reeds, ceremonial headdresses accentuated with beads and quills, as well as sterling silver jewelry that typically shows animals and nature.

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