Do You Want To Be The Life Of The Party? Here’s Your Best Option…

Casino night fundraiser

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring the glitz and glam of Las Vegas right to your front door?

Well, as Lady Luck would have it, you can do just that! Whether you’re planning a business party, convention, or house party, change it up and throw a casino theme party everyone can enjoy. As a benefit, you can also use the casino theme party to help you establish a casino night fundraiser. Either way, a true group casino party includes the whole scene, fully set with professional dealers, as well as authentic casino tables and accessories.

A casino party can bring people together, in a refreshing new way. Aside from the fun ambiance, another benefit of a casino theme party or casino night fundraiser is the bonding amongst partners and associates, in addition to new knowledge each player receives regarding strategic gambling tips and skills. Instead of players just throwing bets out, they’re actually taught how casino games function; this way, every potential player can leave casino night feeling like a real card shark!

Of course, in the end, it’s all fun and games, so why not learn how to negotiate fortune and risk, in the meantime?

In total, America has about 1,511 casinos, nationwide. Annually, however, over 36.7 million people head to the center of it all: Las Vegas. Although Las Vegas is famous for its bright lights and desert heat, most people think of it as the number one place to make money and gamble. Because of its massive earning potential, a Las Vegas casino is fully stocked with staff offering popular games, such as poker or blackjack.

Regardless of the game, if you’re playing with cards, it takes up to 7 shuffles to get the whole deck properly mixed, so make sure your dealers do their job. Poker is a fairly common card game, with an estimated 40 million people playing it, on a regular basis. Within this last year, over 10 million people have gone to casinos to play poker. For those who’d rather sequester their games, they can host a poker game at home or plan it for private parties. In any case, whether your home or out and about, if you find yourself playing poker, about 6% of the time, a player will get a pocket pair; on average, that’s equal to about 1 hit every 17 hands.

Similar to poker, blackjack is also a very common card game. As a matter of fact, internationally, about 140 countries have casinos offering blackjack. Blackjack is very player-friendly; your odds are close to 50-50 with the dealer. According to probability, the player wins about 44% of the time, while the dealer wins about 48% of the time. Even though the dealer’s odds are a bit higher, blackjack is a game celebrated for its low edge of .5%, with some players maintaining that it can be brought down to .4%.

Undoubtedly, a casino night might just be what you need to get the party started. For your next event, try throwing a casino night party or casino night fundraiser…

Lady Luck is waiting!

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