The Benefits of Hiring a Celebrity Spokesperson

Celebrity endorsement cost

Many celebrities help endorse or advertise certain products, services, or events. The charisma that has made them so famous helps celebrities speak to crowds of thousands on a regular basis, leaving every attendee feeling inspired. Whether you’re trying to generate media attention or sales for the next quarter, here are the events when organizations are most likely to hire a celebrity spokesperson.

It is not uncommon for graduation ceremonies to have a guest speaker. Everyone from former presidents to internationally recognized scholars and celebrities have given inspiring words of encouragement to college graduates on their way into the world. Former celebrities have built careers out of speech-giving; it may just be the send off that your university’s graduating class deserves after so much time in school.

Celebrities have long been involved in fundraisers and relief efforts during times of need. This helps to motivate the 18 to 36-year-old demographic, which responds most to celebrity influenced support. In many cases it is not necessary to hire a celebrity spokesperson, as many celebrities look for opportunities to get involved with charitable organizations. If your cause needs some much needed support, consider getting a celebrity endorsement to motivate aid.

It is not uncommon to see famous people on television as they try to sell another product. While it seems like simply marketing tactics, in truth there is a whole science devoted to celebrity approval ratings. The Dave-Brown Index (DBI) measures the celebrity’s ability to influence endorsements based on awareness, appeal, aspiration, breakthrough, endorsements, and corporate sponsorships. With $50 billion invested in celebrity endorsements globally, celebrity endorsements help advertisements stick out among the 3,156 images we see each day. Studies have shown that 40% of shoppers between the ages of 16 and 24 bought celebrity-endorsed items, with 18% doing so on a regular basis. Whenever you need an advertising edge over the competition, consider hiring a celebrity spokesperson.

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