4 Reasons To Stop Making Excuses And Take Wedding Dance Classes!

Dance classes for kids

If you are planning to say “I Do” in the near future, then we hope you aren’t putting off or making excuses to avoid wedding dance lessons. You don’t have to organize a viral-ready, choreographed dance routine, but you should at least know how to get through your first dance without stepping on your beloved’s toes.

And since there are about 8,400 dance studios employing more than 48,000 people in the U.S., there’s really no excuse. No matter where you live, odds are there are a number of studios providing dance lessons for weddings. You don’t have to become a ballroom dancing expert overnight, but there are a number of reasons to find a studio that provides dance lessons for weddings before the big day.

1. Dancing is a Healthy, Fun Activity

You may not like dancing, but you should. Humans have been dancing for at least 9,000 years, ever since a caveman whittled a flute from an old bone and started to tap his toes. Dancing provides a natural high, promotes social bonding, and builds intimacy between partners.

2. Dancing Makes People Happy

And we’re not just talking about your bride (or groom). Dance has been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of depression, reduce stress levels, and improves coordination and balance to boot.

3. Dance Lessons For Weddings Can Include Children

In 2015, many couples are marrying for the second time (or third), and many couples already have children before they walk down the aisle. If so, then dance classes for kids can be a beautiful way to incorporate your children into your reception. And there’s nothing cuter than watching a little boy or girl thrown down on the dance floor at a wedding.

4. You Might Even Like It

Even if you’re convinced dance lessons for weddings just aren’t for you, take a chance and try something new. We promise, that’s a skill that will serve you well once you’re finally married. For people without experience, dance can seem intimidating, but most people learn to love it once they relax and start enjoying themselves.

So if you have a wedding on the horizon and don’t want to embarrass yourself during the first dance, then spend a few hours discovering the benefits of dance lessons for weddings. You won’t regret it…

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