5 Tips for Throwing a Casino Birthday Party

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Are you looking for the ultimate birthday party to celebrate that special friend or family member? Are you tired of the same birthday parties that include mediocre food and a general sense of boredom among the guests? A casino night is a great party that is also themed. Guests are sure to enjoy the glamor and excitement of a casino night.

Use Las Vegas as your inspiration
It doesn?t matter if you have ever been to Las Vegas or not. Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world. Using the city of lights as your inspiration for decorations and entertainment will help you to mimic the feel of Las Vegas. You can view images of Las Vegas on the internet or pull from your memories if you have ever visited. Additionally, many party supply stores sell casino specific decorations usually in black, red, and silver colors.

Request a formal occasion
Give your guests the chance to dress up and enjoy the VIP casino. Request that guests attend in formal attire. This gives everyone the opportunity to pull out their tuxes and evening dresses and to celebrate your party in style. If you are worried about people wanting to attend an entirely formal occasion, consider making it business casual. People will still dress up, but are not required to go out and buy a new evening dress.

Hire a live band or stream Las Vegas music
Las Vegas is home to many wonderful musicians. If it is in the budget, consider hiring a live band that plays a similar type of music. If you are on a tight budget, you can create a casino themed playlist ahead of time and stream it through your speakers. You have many options when choosing the music for your casino night. You can go with newer artists that commonly perform in the Vegas area or you can choose to go old school Vegas. If you have a guest list of all ages, consider a mix between the two.

Create a casino themed dinner
You have many options when creating a casino themed dinner. You could serve a full course sit down meal or allow guests to choose their favorite foods at a buffet service. You could also stick to a budget and choose to serve only strolling appetizers, which allow the guests to spend more time at the casino table rentals. Dinner parties are considered the most popular type of celebration with just over 10,000 online searched every month. Yet, cocktail parties are also the second most popular type of celebration with 2,000 online searches every month. Both are great for a birthday casino rentals night.

Don?t forget the entertainment
The music is a form of entertainment, but it is just a piece of the casino night. Every casino has casino games. Don?t forget your casino night rentals which include blackjack, poker, and roulette tables. You will also need experienced dealers that are familiar with the games and their rules. With casino night rentals, you won?t actually charge your guests anything. You don?t want to back the funds and many guests would be hesitant to actually gamble with real money. Instead, allow guests to start out with the same number of chips and raffle off prizes for the highest chip count.

Make sure you choose casino night rentals that meet your party needs. There are many available casino games and you want to choose the ones that are the most entertaining to you and your guests. Casino party rentals can also serve as a decoration source for your party. Having high quality casino night party rentals will create the casino night rentals atmosphere you are going for.

Planning a casino night for an upcoming birthday is sure to be a hit. Guests are tired of attending the same, boring birthday parties. With a casino night, guests can dress up, listen to wonderful music, and try their luck out at the casino night rentals games. They can transform themselves to the gaming city for the evening.

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