Should Your Business Set Up a Commercial Indoor Playground?

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There’s an unfortunate event taking place across the nation, and it is the disappearance of commercial indoor playgrounds. The indoor playground was a childhood fixture for adults of a certain age, and it disappoints many parents to find a distinct lack of options for their own children. Playtime is a critical component of a child’s development.

A good indoor playground could be a good addition to a business. It does require some careful planning during the initial implementation, but the payoff could be repeat customers. Parents like predictable options when it comes to their children.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: Why Add It?

It is not always easy to get children to play outside. Screen time, or anytime entertainment is being provided by a phone, tablet, computer, or television screen, is cited as a common deterrent. But there are other factors that can discourage outdoor play, such as inclement weather. Parents are drawn to places with a commercial indoor playground where their children can run around and work off some energy.

The Effect Play Has On a Child’s Mental Health.

Did you know that regular playtime actually stimulates brain development in young children? A lack of playtime can actually have an effect over the course of a person’s lifetime. Children need an abundance of playtime to develop their gross motor skills before the age of six, and there is no way to make this precious time up later. While outdoor play is considered best, any playtime in which the child entertains themselves is adequate.

The research that studies the link between children’s development and unstructured play is promising, but somewhat new. This means that the demand for indoor play options is still somewhat untapped. It is likely that parents will become more vocal about demanding better play facilities for their children in the near future.

The Physical Effects of Play For Children.

Children over the age of two should have at least one hour of physical activity each day, insists the American Heart Association. In fact, recent research has revealed that if all the eight- to 10 year olds in the U.S. currently exercised at least 25 minutes a day, three days a week, they would save a combined total of about $62.5 billion in medical costs over the course of their lifetimes. Nearly 1.2 million children would save themselves from becoming obese as well.

How to Properly Set Up a Commercial Indoor Playground.

When setting up an indoor playground, it’s necessary to start by deciding the age of the children you plan to have on the commercial indoor playground. The equipment that is appropriately sized for a toddler, is not appropriately sized for a child of eight. It is essential that the playground is clearly marked with correct signage for the correct age group.

The safety requirements for indoor play facilities have their own rules and regulations. These will vary from state to state, so it is a smart move to check on your state’s laws before making any big decisions. This means deciding on the actual play space, the equipment materials, and the type of play equipment.

It is not the children who are spending money at your business, it is their parents. Clearly, the goal is to have a facility that appeals to both the child and the adult. Children get excited by interesting play options, such as soft play equipment and room to bounce around. Parent like cleanliness and safety. When these two are combined, there is a good chance your business will see repeat customers.


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