Why You Should Be Advertising With Online Video if You Aren’t Already

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It’s no accident that today’s advertising and marketing industry is turning toward online video marketing as one of the best ways for companies to reach to new audiences and keep existing customers engaged as well.

The facts explain themselves: research has shown that consumers who watch video marketing content before going shopping are on average 174% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t.

If you’re still not convinced by that incredible statistic, check out these four other reasons why your company should be advertising with online video marketing content if it isn’t already:

1. Online video content can go viral: One of the most powerful traits of video content on the web is its shareability — when viewers like a video, they’ll often share it on their social media accounts for friends and family to view and discuss. This way, your video can be seen by millions of people without your company needing to do any extra promotion work.

2. Video production services are cost-efficient: Because an online video stays on the web much longer than a traditional advertisement would stay on TV or the radio, video marketing carries a much lower cost-per-impression than other types of marketing. That’s why it’s such a great decision to invest in creating high-quality video content for the web.

3. Video SEO optimization is more effective than traditional SEO: Currently, Google ranks websites that have video content significantly higher than it ranks sites that don’t. In fact, research has shown that a website with video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine result than a website without video.

4. Marketing videos help build your brand: Did you know that video content increases the viewer’s knowledge of your company’s products and services by an amazing 74%? And best of all, your viewers will retain this knowledge — 80% of web users say they remember the video marketing content they watch online. Read more articles like this.

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