Are You Missing Out On These One Of A Kind Bar Crawls?

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Are you missing out on some of the craziest — and probably some of the most fun — bar or pub crawls? Chances are you are passing up some of the most interesting things to do in your area, and without even knowing it. Team up with bus rental companies, and enjoy some of the wackiest bar crawls, pub crawls, or even wine tastings in the U.S. — and luxury bus rentals — at the very same time.

Have You Ever Wanted To Do A Wine Tasting In A Haunted Brothel?

Now you can! “From the late 1850s through the early 1900s, May Baily’s Place was one of the better-known bordellos in New Orleans’s infamous Red Light District, Storyville, where prostitution remained legal until 1917,” Wine Enthusiast magazine writes. “Today, it’s a 40-seat wine-focused bar in the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, decorated with Victorian wallpaper, portraits of madams by Storyville photographer E.J. Bellocq and even a framed copy of the operating license granted to May Baily in 1857.” Several patrons also insist the site is haunted, and the rumors even earned it screen time on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

The Best Way To Do A Ghost Tour

When renting a party bus and looking into bus rental prices, you may want to consider who does the best ghost tour. More party bus companies are offering tours of local haunts, safely transporting you and your guests while you dance, indulge in some beers or cocktails, and eventually tour haunted houses, buildings, or even abandoned insane asylums.

Unleash Your Inner Zombie

Sometimes it’s not where you go, it’s how you do it. The best way to enjoy bar or pub crawls may very well be by renting a luxury bus (talk to local bus rental companies) and covering yourself in your best zombie makeup… really! More Americans are participating in one of a kind zombie bar crawls, dressed entirely in zombie garb and makeup for the occasion.

Go ahead. Go a little nuts, and have a lot of fun. Explore some of your town, city, or region’s most interesting things to do, and do it all while safely enjoying the convenience of a luxury bus. Continue reading here.

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