Why So Many People Tend to Highly Prefer Outdoor Events

Wedding rentals

Hosting an event outdoors can be a fun twist, as well as a practical one! Renting an indoor venue can often be expensive and feel cramped. Renting a space outdoors can often be less expensive and give guests more room to move around and mingle. It’s a perfect solution for a large event, such as a wedding, milestone birthday, graduation, or another big kind of party. An outdoor event can also provide beautiful views and fresh air — outdoor events by water are particularly popular and provide great pictures to remember the event. Plus, a significant bulk of the decorating is already done for you by Mother Nature! However, a huge concern about hosting outdoor events is inclement weather or the elements in general. Looking at party tents for rent is one way to prevent against bad weather, overexposure to heat, and other variables that come with hosting events outdoors.
A Tent? Really?
If you think “tent” and a synthetic camping tent comes to mind, you’ve got it all wrong. Party tents for rent are usually white and can be elegant and provide an airy feel to the whole event. Sailcloth tents are especially popular choices for weddings. Choosing to buy a tent or look for party tents for rent can be a difficult decision — if you’re going to use the tent more than three or four times, it might be better to simply buy. However, if it’s a one time affair, you should go with party tents for rent. There are two main kinds of tents — frame tents (like clearspan tents) and pole tents (like tensile tents).
Pole tents are mostly meant to go on grass, since they’re able to be staked down into the ground and can often be a bit sturdier. These can be the more aesthetically pleasing choice, as the stakes can be driven quite far into the ground and there are no metal poles visible from the inside of the tent. There’s usually a center pole (and can be more, depending on how large the tent is) inside, but that can be an extra fixture to put decorations on. A pole tent also provides some shape to the tent, creating peaks or dips that you can’t get with a frame tent. This type of tent is also a bit more cost effective than a frame tent.
A frame tent doesn’t need to be attached to the ground and can go on any surface — grass, concrete…really any surface, so it’s a bit more flexible in terms of the venue. There are also no poles whatsoever inside the tent; however, the metal poles are visible from inside the tent. Because there are no interior poles, there’s a bit more room inside since you don’t have to work around the inside poles. On the other hand, a frame tent can be a bit more costly, because there’s a higher labor cost and higher price tag attached.
What Should I Keep In Mind With Tent Square Footage?
You want to make sure there’s enough space for everyone to comfortably sit or maneuver, if some portion of the proceedings are happening inside the tent. You want it to be a relaxing event for everyone, including you, and hosting an outdoor event can often be anything but! Doing some advance planning can save you some big headaches in the long run.
Before renting a tent, confirm your guest list and multiply the amount of guests coming by 15 square feet for estimating table seating, 6 square feet for aisles, standing room, or a cocktail area, and 2-3 square feet for dancing. If there’s a wedding ceremony or a speaker area, you’ll want to allot more room. Good planning and mapping out will allow you to bring your event off in style with the fewest amounts of headaches possible!
Don’t let the elements keep you from hosting the perfect outdoor event! You can have beautiful vistas, enough space, and protection from the elements all in one event for a reasonable cost. Tent rentals can be a lovely and economical choice for your next event.

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