Steps to Becoming a First Rate Celebrity Blogger

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Unless you live under a rock, you know entertainment news is big business. Celebrity news sites with the latest entertainment bring in a combined $3 billion each year. Beyonce and Jay-Z are the ultimate Hollywood power couple. Her network has been estimated around $450 million. His has been estimated at about $650 million. That makes their combined net worth is more than $1 billion. Jay-Z added an 11th number one album on the Billboard 200. That means he has produced more albums than any other single artist. This also means he has past Elvis for the number of number one albums.

But the number of African Americans who top the latest entertainment news does not stop with the. Oprah Winfrey hosted her popular show for 25 years. From 1896 through 2011, her show reigned on 120 channels. She reached an audience of more than 10 million people. The show was a huge success. Winfrey made $30 million by the end of her first year. The show made about $125 million during the same time frame.

If you like celebrity gossip, and most people do, you may want to get into the game yourself, you should go for it! There are some steps you should take to get your site off the ground.

Set up an account with a blogging provider. WordPress is a free blogging platform as is Blogger. If you want to register your own domain and then use WordPress that is also an option. Sites like Go Daddy offer top rated domains at great prices. You can get a free site but these have a domain, which you may want to avoid.

Define your style and start writing. Do you want to be the next Perez Hilton with his style of mixing snark with adoration? Or do you want to be more like TMZ or Gawker? You will have ti define your brand once you have figured out what it is. Before you start promoting your work, you will have to write something so get on your gumshoes, do some sleuthing and start your writing. In blogging, content really is king so start churning out great writing and you will get readers.

Promote your work on social media. When it comes to promoting your stuff, take to Facebook. Do a search for any and every Facebook group that might be interested in what you are doing. Go to and create a unique link for your work and post that to all of the groups you find. This is a very effective way of attracting visitors to your site. If you have a Twitter following or Snap Chat, use use those sites as well. If you can get information on the latest entertainment figures, your site will get traffic.

Promote your stuff in traditional media. When you post a new piece, put out a press release and get to know entertainment journalists. This just makes good business sense to get to know the players in your new field of work. It may seen old school, and you may not get direct coverage but when you are first starting your blog, you need to get the word out. These people can help you do that. If you do not have a press list, you can get an account with That is a free press release distribution website. You can track your releases and see how many hits and views it gets. You should take the link to your press release and promote that on your social media channels as well.

Work on your writing. Good writing is essential to the success or failure of a blog. Media Bistro has a host of options to help your develop your writing skills if you think you need that. You need to write copy that sparkles to make your visitors turn in repeat users of your web site.

Starting a new venture is always challenging but breaking into the crazy world of celebrity news and the latest entertainment news can be a lot of fun. If you are interested in entering this world, there is no reason to think you cannot be successful if you work hard.andnbsp;


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