Three Things That Make Pre-Teens More Likely to Read

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In our increasingly digital world, one of the things that suffers the most is the amount that kids — especially those in middle school — are reading. The number of kids who read daily drops drastically between the ages of nine and 17, from 54% to just 17%. It’s crucial to encourage a love of reading during the pre-teen years, but that can be tough to do when there are so many devices demanding a kid’s attention. Here are a few things that will make a pre-teen more likely to read.

1. If their parents are readers.
Creating a love of reading can really begin in the home. One of the things that can make a pre-teen more likely to read is if their parents are readers themselves. Having books at home can provide the opportunity, and since kids sometimes follow by example, seeing a parent read can encourage them to do the same.

2. The right books.
Pre-teens might be more inclined to be frequent readers if their parents are frequent readers, but it’s also important for them to find the right types of books. Obviously, a pre-teen will be more likely to read a book he or she is interested in. The best books for middle school students have the same types of characters; studies have shown that pre-teens prefer to read books that feature characters that they can admire and are smart, strong, and brave. Fantasy books for middle school students are fairly popular.

3. If they have books recommended to them.
Another factor that can help a teen read more is if they have books that are recommended to them. In the last year, 74.5% of older kids have had a book recommended to them by a teacher, a parent, a church leader, or an older adult. This is also a good way to facilitate self-improvement through reading as well — pre-teens are going to be more likely to read leadership books if they are suggested to them or are on a middle school reading list.

Do you have any tips or tricks for helping kids read more or ideas for the best books for middle school students? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.
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