Full-Scale Model of Ancient Hebrew Tabernacle Coming to Spokane Valley

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Traveling acts such as magicians and street performers have been popular ever since the Middle Ages, but Messiah’s Mansion is traveling entertainment with a message.

The traveling exhibit is a full-scale replica of the movable tabernacle the ancient Hebrews built under Moses’ leadership after escaping from Egypt. The temple is based on the biblical story in which more than two million people joined together to build a sanctuary they could carry with them in the desert between Egypt and Palestine.

The elements of the temple were highly symbolic for the people who worshiped there over 3,000 years ago, and continue to hold meaning for modern Christianity. Guided tours of the exhibit will explore these symbols and their meanings, and are equally suitable for schools, families, history buffs or any other type of group.

Messiah’s Mansion is operated by the students and staff of Oklahoma Academy, based in Harrah, OK, and has been on the road since 2003. The school’s group, aided by volunteers, has taken the exhibit to 46 locations in 15 states, as well as Canada and Jamaica. It is always popular; in just nine days back in October of 2008, Messiah’s Mansion had 10,000 visitors while in Chattanooga, TN.

Messiah’s Mansion will be in the Spokane area between May 15 and May 24, and free tours will be available from 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily. Morning tours may also be arranged in advance, and special group tours are available by appointment. The exhibit will be set up at 1603 S. Sullivan Rd. in Spokane Valley.

For more information, visit valleysanctuary.com. To see more of what you can experience at Messiah’s Mansion, you can even watch a short YouTube video. Additional videos available via the website include specials on how the temple was built and a fly-through of the to-scale model. To arrange special tours or ask questions, email info@valleyadventist.org or call 509-926-5866.

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