The History of the Escape Room Challenge

An escape room is a fairly new concept when it comes to a fun time with friends, but it is certainly worth it. For those looking for the closest escape room near me or cost of escape rooms near me, a quick internet search is handy. So, an escape room what is it? An escape room is a challenge that is set up inside a room containing a series of clues that work together to help those that are locked inside the room find out how to get out, or escape.

The object of an escape room event is to help the people inside learn how to work together to create a plan that allows them to exit the room within the allotted time frame. This is a great team-building exercise and is also just plain fun to challenge yourself and others to put your brains together and find a way out of a seemingly inescapable reality. This type of event normally takes a couple of hours, and you are going to be timed to see who can use their brain and get out the fastest.

Have you been interested in taking your family or company to an escape room challenge? If so, then you are on the right track because this is not just a great company activity; it is also a wonderful family bonding experience as well. Thus, it makes perfect sense for you to book yourself a fun escape room activity.

The first Real Escape Game, REG, was developed by Japanese Takao Kato 10 years ago. Since then, the escape room experience that you will get has evolved and improved. Thus, you will have access to the best escape room challenge possible now in the 21st century. Here are more facts on escape room team building and more!

An Escape Room Challenge Is A Great Company Activity

An escape room corporate event is not just a great way to build team skills, it is just a great way for your employees to enjoy their job. This is important because a Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover in low company cultures is 48%. Thus, it only makes sense to book an escape room challenge for your employees!

A recent survey from OfficeTeam found that only 36% of professionals say that company holiday parties are fun; 35% actually gave them a negative, thumbs-down, response. So understand that your employees may actually prefer to go to an escape room as opposed to having the usual kind of company party. Thus, you should book yourself and your employees a fun time in an escape room soon!

About 37% of Escape Room groups have players over 21 years old. About 19% of Escape Room customers are corporate clients. There are so many employees that have fun at an escape room facility with this type of game and it helps companies keep employees happy. Understand that low-level engagement within companies results in a 33 percent decrease in operating income and an 11 percent decrease in earnings growth.

An Escape Room Challenge Is A Great Family Activity

Families of parents and children make up about 14% of Escape Room players. Parents truly love this type of activity because it allows for them to have a great bonding experience with their family. This is important because only 85% of all kids believe that they have any fun with their parents. Most parents will book some type of activity or trip that their children do not enjoy or like at all.

A Common Sense Media report found that children eight years old and younger now spend around 48 minutes a day on mobile screens. Just about Forty-seven percent of parents feel their children are addicted to their mobile devices. Only 32 percent of parents say the same about themselves. Thus, parents are pretty worried about spending money on an event or an activity that their children will not enjoy. However, children absolutely love it when they get involved with an escape room challenge!

Whether you are a parent trying to book a family fun event or a corporate event planner trying to plan a fun time for workers, you need to check out the escape room challenge facilities near you. These are great ways for families to have fun and for workers to enjoy team building exercises. That way, you can provide your workers with some fun times as well as important lessons that can improve your business overall!

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