An Insight into Popular Packaging Trends

In the business world, there are several keys to success. First, take a great idea for a product or a service. Then, add in consumer demand and solid financial backing and the business will be on its way to success.

But there is another key element that is essential to creating a successful product in the business world: that is packaging. Launching a new product, or reintroducing an existing one, is helped immeasurably by clever, eye-catching, consumer-friendly packaging. In fact, it has been reported that consumer interest went up by 30% in businesses that are meticulous and pay attention to the packaging of their products.

Packaging is extremely important in any consumer field, but particularly one where there is a lot of competition for ”real estate” in stores and retail establishments. Items packed on crowded shelves really need to stand out against the competition. Packaging for toys, for instance is nearly as critical as the toy’s fun factor itself.

Another area of intense density and competition for visibility on the shelf–or online–is the grocery store (or website). Packaging of grocery items is of the utmost importance, with consumers reading the information labels carefully. In fact, while shopping, 85% of consumers have reported that they make their decision to buy an item based on reading the information about the product that is on the package while they are doing their shopping.

One interesting area of interest to consumers is coffee. While many consumers purchase coffee by the pound, there is also a newer concept of coffee bags bulk design that is now available. Many of us have seen these types of packages, especially in custom coffee stores and outlets. Usually the shape of custom coffee bags bulk identifies them: for the most part, they stand up, roll closed from the top, downwards and have a valve in the front of the bag. This type of bag is also great for other items such as dog treat packaging, custom candy bags, pet food packaging and medical marijuana bags.

The original concept behind the coffee bags bulk design is to ensure freshness Now the coffee bags bulk design concept has evolved to include not only freshness protection but also eco-friendly, scent-proof and child-resistant features. These features are of special interest to cannibas dispensaries where scent-free and child resistant bags and packaging are especially pertinent. It is prudent to pay attention to what will benefit consumers, and the coffee bulk bags design has led to development of this concept in many areas that will benefit from it.

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