Starting a Successful Mural Painting Business

In this video, watch how Emily, a successful commercial mural painter, started her business with $1000 and no business skills. As founder of Mural Painter Inc, she presented her business idea for funding on Shark Tank in 2020. However, the pandemic hit soon after, and the lockdown affected the business’s potential to have gone viral. This commercial mural painter pitched her murals to corporates that printed marketing posters on vinyl instead of painting.

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Printing a photo on vinyl is popular because it’s cheaper and faster. However, it does not stick-on brick and is not long-lasting.
On the other hand, murals provide an experience for passersby on the street and the business. People usually stop to speak to the mural artists, take photos of the work and tag the campaign and the artists on social media. The company and artists get brand exposure, and the campaign has a more significant impact because of social media sharing. A mural is a win-win for both the business and the artists. Best of all, it’s a trendy art form because, with brushes strokes, it creates something from nothing.
The business now runs in several cities around the USA, and you can contact them for a brilliant mural of your marketing campaign.

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