How Photo-Ready Bouquets Are Made

Your wedding day is the most important event you will ever plan, so your bouquet should look perfect in every photo. There is a lot that goes into making a photo-worthy bouquet. Here are the supplies and steps needed to create one.

Before the florist begins they will gather the necessary supplies. The flowers used in the bouquet depend on the time of year and your color scheme.

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If you are getting married in early spring, peonies are a lovely choice to use in all of your flower arrangements. The main tools used in this process are snips, rubber bands, green tape, and rose strippers. Rose strippers remove the thorns from the stems of roses so you don’t cut yourself.

Be sure to check the flowers for any damage, and only use the best flowers in your arrangement. Put some neutral leaves around the edge, and use a mirror to look at the back as you work. The best flowers should be spaced out around the bouquet.

With a colorful, beautiful bouquet you will look stunning in every portrait. Do you have more questions about making the perfect flower arrangement for your special day? See the linked video for more information on making bouquets.


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