Planning a Casino Night For your Next Corporate Event

Casino night party ideas

Planning a corporate event night? Are you tired of all of the same, boring ideas that guests expect from their corporate event. When you are in charge of party planning and corporate event ideas, you might struggle with finding something that will be fun for all employees and their guests. A popular new trend in party planning is having a corporate theme party. A theme allows guests to dress up and enjoy the decor and activities of a specific themed night. There are many fun party ideas available to plan the perfect corporate themed party.
One great themed party planning idea is a casino night. A casino night includes many of the popular games that can be played at the local casino. You can also decorate and encourage a Las Vegas attire theme, to further push the theme and make it more exciting. Some of the popular games available are poker, blackjack, roulette and craps. About 40 million people play poker regularly, making it a commonly understood and well liked game. Also, more than 36.7 million people visit Las Vegas every year, making it exciting to be able to bring the feel of Las Vegas to your corporate event. Another extremely popular casino game that is well liked is the game of blackjack. Blackjack is largely famous for its low edge ? 0.5%, although some players claim that this can be brought down to almost 0.4% – making it the most player-friendly casino game in the world.
Casino nights are even good options for those who are not extreme gamblers, or for those who do not even know anything about gambling or the individual casino games and their rules. Because our events are held at corporate locations and a gambling license is sometimes not available, we can cater events to be for prizes and raffles, rather than for money winnings. This is a well-liked and popular structure to our casino event nights, as guests don?t have to play with real money. Often, they are given a set amount of chips and allowed to choose which games they want to play. At the end of the night, their chips will then be recounted, and whoever has the most chips will win prizes or more raffle tickets for pre set prizes. This is a great way to involve and teach players who are not familiar with the casino games and to ensure that all guests have a great time.
Casino nights are generally a huge hit at corporate events. There is a lot that can be done with them, including variety of games and food and decor options to mimic the popular city of Las Vegas. The abundance of games allows guests to mingle and interact with different co workers and to learn new skills.

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