How a Cheesy Made-for-TV Disney Movie Predicted the Future Nearly Two Decades Ago

Home entertainment services

Science fiction has long been an inspiration for technological advancements; who knows what limitations of today will be surpassed in the future. I’m sure no one guessed that the made-for-TV “Smart House” released by Disney Channel in 1999 would have been inspired anything aside from some cheesy laughs at the time, yet home automation systems bearing a vague resemblance to the artificial intelligence in the film are available now. Here are three elements of any home that can benefit most from home automation systems.

Home Security

Private home security companies have been around for quite some time now. Security systems directly place homeowners in contact with a professional service agent in the case of a break in to help deter theft and contact the authorities quickly. Newer home security systems come with front-door cameras that can be accessed anywhere from the push of a button on your smart phone.

Household Utilities

Heating and cooling are vital to our comfort, especially during some of the harshest conditions throughout the year. Since furnaces and air conditioning units maintain temperatures, households end up spending more on their energy bills due to systems that continue to run even when members of the house are away. Investing in a programmable thermostat can save households an average of $198 per year; like automated security systems, automated heating and cooling can be accessed from anywhere thanks to mobile devices.

Home Entertainment Services

We all have that one room that just doesn’t make sense and ends up rarely getting used. Many homeowners are turning this underutilized space into a home theater. The most recent data comes from 2010, yet it showed that the popularity of home theater systems back then amounted to over $750 million in sales for the year. Home automation can make the difference between a genuine theater experience and just sitting in a room with a screen and home theater seating. Dim the lights, change the volume, and play your feature film all from the convenience of your smart phone. For those looking to add value to their homes, modern home theater projects enjoy a return on investment of up to 91% in some neighborhoods. As tech continues to change our lives, science fiction will continue to drop the word “fiction” from its creations in time.

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