Photo Album Scrapbooking 101

Without a doubt, scrapbooking is a rare art to find these days. The past decade has brought about an explosion of social media and digital memory-keeping. However, the art of scrapbooking is truly a timeless and wonderful medium that will never go out of style. Whether you are scrapbooking photos of your kids in middle school, or logging all of your concert tickets to look back on in the future, scrapbooking is an excellent way to physically encapsulate the most treasured time in your life. This video provides some tips and tricks when making a school-themed scrapbook for your kids.

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When you are designing your pages, don’t think too much about each one. These pages are meant to showcase photos, and chances are you have tons of photos in queue to be scrapbooked. An easy way to label your photos is with chipboard letters of alphabet stickers. Date all of your photos, and add a small description. If you are focusing in on a school-themed scrapbook, include paper elements like report cards, name tags, gold stars, and whatever fun things your child brings home from school. Scrapbooking is timeless, and you kids will love to look back on their school memories once they are older!


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