Get in Better Shape by Learning to Waltz for Your Daughter?s Wedding

Father daughter dance

Maybe you remember your first dance together. It might have been while she was standing on your shoes, twirling around the room. Now that she?s all grown up, and getting married, you realized you?ll have to dance once more, except this time, there will be a larger audience.

The Father Daughter dance is a time-honored tradition. Often the dad and daughter dance is the waltz. Many dads decide to learn ballroom dancing from a dance studio so they can be prepared for their waltz with the new bride. But did you know there are wonderful added health benefits to ballroom dancing?

It?s true, dancing helps you get in shape. Someone who weighs 150 pounds will burn around 240 calories and hour while dancing. An hour of dance class will be almost as good as a nice jog around the neighborhood. When you learn to dance, if you decide to take classes, you?ll be regularly participating in more physical activity, which will help you move toward meeting the larger goal of total recommended exercise. Only a third of adults are getting the proper amount of physical activity each week. Fewer than 5% of adults are active for 30 minutes a day.

When you practice your steps for your daughter?s wedding on a regular basis, it means you?ll be better conditioned when the time comes. You won?t be out of breath or stumbling. While you?re dancing, you might work off those extra pounds and fit into that old suit coat. The father daughter wedding dance will be seen and recorded by your friends and family. And if it?s important to look good, and look like you know what you?re doing.

Chances are it?s been a while since you danced at the Prom, and you need a refresher course. A dance instructor might be able to help you remember where your feet should go. Whether it?s been years since you?ve stepped foot on the disco floor, or if it?s your first time having to hold your shoulders back, practicing a waltz is definitely a new and different way to burn calories than endless situps.

Over three quarters of adults do not meet the guidelines for healthy people with regards to aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, which means they fail to get enough regular physical activity. Dancing, and learning to dance can be a solution. What better way to honor your daughter than to learn to waltz, and be in better shape for her wedding? And who knows, maybe you?ll find something new to share and learn with your partner.

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