3 Ways To Plan For Weather Changes During A Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding ceremonies are beautiful celebrations of love. Two people are going to start a new chapter in their lives, and friends and family gather to help them celebrate this moment. A lot goes into planning a wedding, from making sure there are enough wedding tables and food, even picking out what colors the flowers and centerpieces should be. There is definitely a lot of thought that goes into planning a wedding ceremony, but sometimes we forget to think about what could possibly happen when there are unexpected weather changes. What if you were planning an outdoor wedding? You might need to think about wedding tent rentals in case there is some uninvited rain!

If you’re thinking about planning for weather changes for your wedding, here are three things to keep in mind. You can have a wonderful wedding despite weather that you did not want. Everyone wants beautiful sunny weather and clear skies, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Here is what to keep in mind!

1. A wedding tent rental can be your best friend

You might be thinking of hosting an outdoor wedding and while that can be incredibly fun and beautiful, a wedding tent rental can be a great addition. Not only can it shield you and your guests from bad weather in case there is some unexpected change, you can also add different decorations that can hang from the tent and have a designer really make it beautiful. It can also be a great form of shade when it is sunny out. In order to know how big of a tent you need, you can take your average number of wedding guests (which, according to The Knot is about 136 people) and multiply it by 15 square feet if you are thinking about having seats and tables at your wedding. There are buying and renting options for tents, but for a ceremony, it is better to rent. You also have to think about whether you want a pole tent or frame tent.

2. Have a rain location

If you are thinking about hosting an outdoor event, then you can just plan to have a backup rain location. You can simply have your reception in a church, banquet hall, or even a friends’ home or other space that you really like.

3. Be up front with your guests

Let your guests know that there is a chance the weather might not be cooperating that day and to have them come prepared. They may want to rethink their outfit, shoes, and they will know to bring an umbrella.

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, but wedding tent rentals don’t need to be complicated. There is no doubt that wedding tent rentals can help with rainy days and other inclement weather. There is no reason weather should stand in the way or your special day!

Have you ever been to a wedding that used a wedding tent rental? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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