Five Reasons to Take Up Ballroom Dancing

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The Sound of Music is showing again on television this holiday season. And in addition to this program about the nanny who is trying to win over the hearts of the children and the grieving father, another holiday favorite is frequenting the network channels this time of year. It’s a Wonderful Life is another holiday movie favorite. although these two movies take place in two very different locations, they both have beautiful and fun dance scenes. From the Maria dancing with her secret love in the gazebo to a backdrop of rain to George fast stepping his way into the heart of Mary before the dance floor opens and dumps them into the pool, these movie dance scenes may leave you longing for a time of healthy exercise and graceful dance moves on the floor. Perhaps those two movies alone will be enough inspiration to make you finally sign up for ballroom dance lessons with your husband, your boyfriend, or your college crowd. The reasons for deciding to take ballroom dance lessons, or any kind of dance lessons for that matter include the following:

  • You are tired of the cold weather already! One reason to sign up for ballroom dance lessons in the winter is so that you can force yourself to forget about the cold and snow for a couple of hours a week. During the coldest time of the year when you may have to force yourself to even leave the house, a ballroom dance studio can be a great destination. With a reason to dress up if you want to, ballroom dance lessons will get you out of the house and into the company of like minded individuals. In a time when traveling around the city shopping involves slick streets and crowded parking lots, dance studios with curbside parking are especially appealing. In the warmth of a well lit and well mirrored dance studio, you may even be willing to sign up for an extra session and take a few private dance lessons. For most people, ballroom dance classes involve couples, but more and more studios across the country encourage individuals to sign up for classes as well. With a different partner every week, for instance, you can learn to dance and make new acquaintances at the same time.
  • All kinds of dance are a great source of exercise. From dance lessons for weddings to more formal ballroom dance classes, this is an activity that requires a lot of movement. Did you know, for instance, that dance classes provide regular aerobic activity and promote cardiovascular health? Additionally, dance classes allow you to improve posture and balance, while also enjoying a fun activity. in fact, regularly participating in dance provides you the opportunity to strengthen both bones and muscles. Making a commitment to regular participation in dance has also been shown to reduce both stress and tension.
  • Knowing how to dance is a great ice breaker. You may not be a big drinker or a big partier, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy weddings, anniversaries, and holiday parties. By understanding even the basics of ballroom dancing, for instance, you can enjoy your self at the next big social event on you calendar.
  • Dance classes continue to grow in popularity. No longer an activity for the older crowd, a growing number of participants enjoy the latest dance scenes. From jitterbug contest at the Friday night Swing nights to the dance clubs in many big cities, dancers often have to arrive early to make sure that they can get into their favorite venues. The latest research, in fact, indicates that the U.S. dance studio industry has generated an estimated $2.1 billion of revenue.
  • Dancing is a great intergenerational opportunity. You may not be able to play sand volleyball with your grandkids or go bowling with your children, but there is a pretty good chance that you can keep up with the younger generation on the dance floor. As one of the most rewarding inter generational experiences, dancing is a way for grandparents, children, and grandkids to connect. From dancing to favorite songs for the fun of it to dancing to some of the more recent numbers, ballroom dancing allows people of all ages to enjoy an activity together.

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