Family Vacations Create Life Long Traditions, Memories

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The family that play together, stays together. While many families are busy buying the biggest television screens and more and more clothes, other families spend their money and their time doing things as a family. And while some families think that family vacations are a thing of the past, the closet families realize that no matter how old your children are, it is important to spend time together, away from the busy schedules of work, school, and sports practice. Family vacations are important for families who want to spend time together, create family traditions, stay connected.
How Good Are You at Making Time for Your Family?
Family vacations let your children know that you value them and that you enjoy spending time with them. The schedules may be complicated to get figured out, but even a three day weekend at a family adventure park can send the message to your children that you want to enjoy activities together. Unfortunately, 75% of employees with paid time off did not take all of their vacation time in the year 2013. And even the employees who do take time away from work still constantly check work email and voicemail. As a result, one in every 10 travelers claim they cannot relax while on vacation. It is difficult to relax if you are one of the 61% of survey participants who indicate that when they are on vacation, they continue to work.
If you are a parent who wants to teach your children the importance of relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, it is important that you set aside time for your family and family vacations. Parent who make time for their children raise children who will later in life make time for their parents.
What Traditions Do You Remember from Your Childhood?
Vacations are a great way to create family traditions. Whether you are a family who returns to the same adventure park year after year or you are a family who likes rock climbing in different locations around the country, the tradition of enjoying family fun together is important. Parents put a good deal of energy into raising their children and teaching them to be responsible, but it is just as important to create traditions. Family activities like visiting the grandparents on New Year’s Day help frame lives that are otherwise very busy and hectic. Slowing down to help the youngest family member make his way through the adventure park maze is an opportunity to build empathy and patience.
Traditional holiday gatherings create a valuable network of intergenerational support. Even a long weekend at a combination indoor and outdoor adventure park can provide a family time to spend away from work, school, and other activities. The chance to lounge around the fire pit at night is a perfect setting for retelling old family memories, as well as making new ones. The chance to take an early morning hike is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and keep the everyday stresses of life in perspective.
Staying Connected with Your Children Is an Important Goal
Nearly 40% of families say that vacations make them happy. In fact, given many other choices to select from, vacationing together is rated the highest for happiness. although the scheduling can be difficult and the timing can be tricky, creating family vacations will help families stay connected. Adult children can help share in the driving. Mothers and daughters can enjoy leisurely days in the sun. Fathers and sons can enjoy a vigorous rock climb at an adventure park. No matter how many different ways you pair up, vacations provide time for family members to share excitement and laughter.
A family that works to stay connected in the good times is ready for the challenges of the bad times. It is difficult for children to tell their parents about struggles at school or with friends if they do not have a strong connection. It is very hard for an adult child to talk to a parent about financial woes if they have not already had many other conversations and memories together. Staying connected will offer your children both strength and support for the challenging times that they may face as they grow older.
School’s out for summer! What does your family have planned?

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