Can Professional Photo Editing Services Give You a Competitive Edge?

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Since the nineteenth century, cameras and photography have fascinated us. The sheer visual appeal, the promise of accuracy, and even the indefinables like the things that are left out but might be just beyond the frame, all make it a very direct and powerful means of communication. However, as all photographers and other creatives know, it can be very difficult to edit own work. A professional photo cropping and portrait photo editing company can help you show your work at its best.

Professional quality photographs stand out
Photography has a universal appeal, but professional, high quality photographs really stand out. A recent study asked people to rate different photographs without knowing the source. The results showed that they were twice as likely to share a professional photograph than user-generated photographs. And when it cones to specialist businesses like e-commerce, real estate marketing, portrait photography, and online advertising, professional photographs can make all the difference.

  • E-commerce
    E-commerce is expanding rapidly and online retailers rely heavily on quality photos, since these are used to sell their products.
  • Real estate photo editing
    Real estate listings are likewise an area where quality photos sell houses. In thIs case, the difference made by professional quality photographs can actually be quantified. They help to sell homes faster and for higher prices.
    For homes in the $400,000 to $500,000 price range, 64% percent of homes with high quality professional photos sold within six months of listing, while for homes that had listing pictures taken with point-and-shoot cameras, 46% percent sold within that time period. And for homes in the price range of $200,000 to $1 million, the real estate company Redfin reported that homes with professional listing photos actually sold for for $3,400 to $11,200 higher than the list price.
  • Weddings and portraits
    Weddings, graduations and other events like baby showers are once-in-a-lifetime happenings and people happily undertake the expense of having professional quality photos to remember. A portrait photo editing company can help you give them your best work.
  • Publishing services and product photography
    Companies that publish product catalogs, mailers, brochures ,etc. also rely heavily on photographs, as do museums, architects, and many other professions.
  • Online marketing
    “Get them where they live”. If that’s not one of the golden rules of advertising, it should be. With the wide availability of the Internet and its popular useage, online advertising is catching up with the fact and is already worth $149 billion annually. This is expected to grow.

For photographers working in all these fields, speed and quality are essential. A photo editing company works like a virtual assistant, with a team of vetted professional photographers helping to pick, edit and present your best work.

Can a photo publishing and portrait photo editing company help you?
In photography as in many other fields, the trend is toward freelance work rather than full-time employment. While this means greater creative freedom, it also means that photographers have to stay competitive.
Add to this the occupational forecast for photography over the ten-year period from 2014 to 2024: employment for photographers is expected to grow by 3%, a slower rate than the overall average for all occupations. All of this means that you need a competitive edge. A photo styling and portrait photo editing service can help you streamline your workflow and make your work stand out ahead of the competition.

A professional and portrait photo editing company can help you gain the competitive edge, while freeing you up to concentrate on the creative parts of your work. Services that offer integration with Dropbox and Adobe Lightroom make it easy to share your work.

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