Different Types of Skateboards to Choose From for This Activity

Are you considering picking up a new hobby like learning how to ride a motorized skate board or an off road electric skateboard? If you have been wanting to get involved in skateboarding, but do not know where to start, you’ll want to research the different types of skateboards and their names. Like any other kind of hobby, there’s no real such thing as a “skateboard.” There are different kinds and styles depending on what kind of skating you’re planning to do.

Skating is a great hobby. After you learn the different types of skateboards and their names, and decide which is right for you, you’ll learn that these are great ways to spend more time outside, stay physically active, and spend time with friends. There’s so much more to skateboarding than most people realize. It isn’t as simple as picking out a skateboard you like and learning a few tricks. There is an entire community behind skateboarding where people dedicate a lot of time, energy, and money to enjoying this hobby.

Interested in learning more about skateboarding and who in the United States participates in this activity? Keep reading for more information about the different types of skaters and the different types of skateboards and their names.


Skateboarding is an activity that many people enjoy engaging in on their own, with friends, or with a community of skateboarders. In fact, on a regular basis, around 11 million people say they skateboard for enjoyment. Where do they skate? It turns out there are plenty of places to skateboard throughout the country. There are actually more than 500 different skate parks that can be found in different areas across the country. In addition to that, there are untold roads, parking lots, driveways, and other places for skateboarders to get together. These skateboarders also have to buy their products somewhere.

Skateboarding is truly an American activity as the United States currently makes up more than 50% of the skateboarding market. When skateboarders are shopping for skateboarding related products whether it be a motorized skateboard, a battery powered skateboard, or skateboarding products like shoes and clothes, rarely do they shop at a sporting goods store. Only around 3% of skateboarding related purchases occur at a sporting goods store.

Instead of shopping at sporting goods stores, skateboarders prefer to shop at small, local shops and with small specialty brands. Around 77% of skateboarders will go out of their way to shop somewhere that carries specialty branders that are smaller and less known than at stores that carry the top brands names available on the market. Skateboarders are fiercely loyal to their local shop. Once you develop a relationship with a shop, that business becomes nearly as important as skateboarding itself.


The skateboarding market can be broken down by different types of skaters and different types of skateboards these individuals use, too. Let’s start by breaking down the different types of skaters. First, there are skaters known as core skaters. These types of skaters are defined by the fact that they skate pretty frequently throughout any given year. To qualify as a core skater you have to be committed to skateboarding at least 26 times a year, if not more. Another group of skaters are the casual skaters. These skaters tend to get out and skateboard less frequently. You qualify as a casual skater if you only skateboard less than 25 times a year.

The breakdown of skaters between male and female is not quite even. Not surprisingly, more men skateboard than women. Around 77% of men skateboard in comparison to only 23% of women who skateboard. When we look at the statistics for core skaters? around 83% of core skaters or men whereas only about 16% ofandnbsp; core skaters? are women.

There are also a variety of skateboard options to choose from if you are interested in learning how to skateboard or if you want to learn how to ride a new skateboard. Options range all over the place from a motorized skateboard, to a power skateboard, to an electric longboard, to a regular skateboard and a regular longboard.

Depending on where you want to skate, how long you want to skate, and how far you want to skate, it will vary which skateboard you should decide to buy. It’s best to do some research before deciding to commit to a skateboard. That way, you can figure out exactly what you want to do with the skateboard and how often you want to ride before spending money on an expensive item.

Are you interested in learning how to ride any of these skateboards like the motorized skate board or the longboard? Are you interested in getting to know the different types of skateboards and their names? Do you think you will ride frequently or only casually? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on this fun activity.

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