Why You Should Consider Using a Rental Company at Your Wedding

Outdoor weddings can provide some of the most beautiful photo ops, but of course have one big factor hanging over them — the weather’s cooperation. Whether you’re planning to have just the ceremony or just the reception outside — or everything! — you need to be prepared for any sudden turns of the weather. Considering wedding tent rentals as an option is in this case an excellent idea. A tent can do more than provide respite from inclement weather; it can also provide shade from the sun and keep food/beverages at a more reasonable temperature. Many couples will also have their guests eat under a tent if it’s an outdoor wedding and in some cases, the dance floor may also be enclosed. There’s a variety of tent options available and tent rentals can also open the door to other wedding rentals, saving you hassle and money.

What Tents Do I Have to Choose From?

The two main styles of tents are frame tents and pole tents. A pole tent is often associated with its big billowing top that has a few peaks, making it appear elegant and sophisticated. This type of tent does need to be staked into the ground (another common pole tent is your camping tent!), so concrete or other hard surfaces are out.

Frame tents are one of the most common choices for outdoor events. It’s freestanding and doesn’t need to be staked into the ground, so any solid surface will do. It can be a more versatile choice than the pole tent.

Sailcloth tents have become increasingly popular in recent weddings, which uses sailcloth as the tent covering instead of vinyl. The shape and translucent cloth lend a soaring, sweeping appearance, but you will need to stake it.

There are other types of tents (marquee tents, clear tents, etc.,) but these three tend to be the most commonly used.

What are the Benefits of Tent Rentals?

If your wedding is the only thing you’re likely to use a tent for in the next few years, renting is probably the way to go. (It’s usually only worth buying if you’re going to use it three or four times a year — and the average person doesn’t hold that many big events annually.) Renting also means you don’t have the headache of where to store the tent after your wedding and you can get more creative with the type of tent you’re renting (if you hope to use it for other events, you might go more traditional, say, with a frame tent).

Tent rentals also often offer other types of rentals (like linen rentals, table and chair rentals, etc.,) so you might be able to use the one rental company as a one-stop shop. This can help streamline your wedding planning and costs greatly. Furthermore, some rental companies will also offer discounted pricing if you rent a few different things from them, which can also save you money (always good when it comes to weddings!).

What Other Things Should I Look Into Renting for a Wedding?

Wedding linens, tables, and chairs — if they’re not included in the venue, or you’re having an outdoor wedding — are all good things to consider renting. Buying them can be a huge cost and a bit impractical after the wedding is over, in terms of cleaning costs, storage, and future use.

There’s always lots of eating and drinking at a wedding, so potentially renting dinnerware, flatware, and barware is also necessary. And, if you have an outdoor wedding, you might have to also rent a dance floor!

There’s clearly a lot to plan when setting up your wedding, so if a rental company offers you the chance to rent your tent, tables, chairs, and linens from them, it could be a great bargain!

Don’t let your beautiful outdoor wedding dreams be ruined by the possibility of inclement weather. When you rent a tent for a wedding, you can truly have the best of both worlds.

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