Why Use Plastic Dinnerware At Your Next Party?

Why Use Plastic Dinnerware At Your Next Party?

When planning any sort of event, whether it be a wedding or birthday party, there are many factors can go into the planning process. What is the budget? What is the theme? How many people will be attending? Is there a plan for party clean up afterward? These questions run through your mind as you try to pick out a color and table top decor, but how about the dinnerware? You know, the silverware and the plates, cups, and bowls. Did those cross your mind? If not, are you purchasing a bunch of new, porcelain plates that will go to waste once the event is over? Generally, you expect guests to use more than one cup for an event. So, figure 75 cups per 25 guests. Without question, using plastic cups and plastic dinnerware can serve to be significantly easier and more cost effective that purchasing traditional dinnerware and cutlery. Disposable plastic plates and plastic serveware can be tossed at the end of the day, and multiples can be purchased so there is zero shortage for the guests. Worried that disposable plastic bowls won’t fly with your event guests? Think again! Fancy plastic tableware is taking the world by storm and is allowing every event to have an abundance of elegant paper napkin!

Plastic Can Be Elegant, Too!

The average American wedding costs around $35,000 and you can expect each guest to need about three bowls to get them through the event. A wedding, for example, is a fancier event and needs nicer cutlery, right? How about meet in the middle with disposable gold metallic cutlery! The average wedding has 136 guests, which alone requires around 150 napkins. Fancy dinner napkins are the way to go when planning any event. Whether your event is fancy, requiring metallic gold disposable cutlery, or on the formal side, needing only plastic champagne glasses, why spend an arm and a leg just to have a ton of dinnerware leftover at the end of the night?

Looking For Elegant But Disposable Dinnerware?

Whether you need metallic gold disposable cutlery, party supply packages, or elegant plastic cups, Webstaurantstore is the way to go. They offer all of the disposable party goods for every occasion. They have products for weddings, catering events, or the everyday bridal shower. Whatever your need is, Webstaurantstore is there for you!

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