Three of the Coolest Acoustic Guitar Pedals You Need to Try

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One of the biggest misconceptions about guitar effect pedals is that they’re exclusively for electric guitars. Not only can you use many of the same pedals on an acoustic guitar that you’d also use on an electric guitar, but you can also get exclusive, acoustic guitar pedals, too.

Here are a few such pieces of sound equipment you might want to consider using to amp up the tone of your acoustic guitar.

Delay Pedals.

Delay is one of the coolest effects you can use on an acoustic guitar, particularly because of the neat tricks you can do on one of these instruments that you can’t do on an electric guitar, like string slapping. These acoustic guitar pedals copy the instrument’s signal, then repeat it more softly at delayed intervals — as the name implies — to create a cool, echo effect.

Chorus Pedals.

Chorus pedals are particularly useful to acoustic guitar players because they can help their tone sound more full. Chorus pedals make it sound like there’s a chorus of guitars playing, and not just the one, lone instrument. Oftentimes, acoustic guitars can sound very small, especially when recording, so these acoustic guitar pedals are a must.

Loop Pedals.

Looping pedals are particularly useful to the acoustic guitar player, because they allow him or her to lay down a backing track, which he or she can then either solo over, play a lead over, or even just continue to build. However, these acoustic guitar pedals are really only suitable for the more advanced players.

If they can connect to guitars, then they’re acoustic guitar pedals. Keep in mind though that some sound a bit better than others, like the ones listed above, so don’t get too disappointed if you don’t like how your guitar distortion pedals sounds over your 12-string.

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