The Top Three Things You Didn’t Pick Up About Dance

Wedding dance

Whether you have been going to the Arthur Murray dance studio or your local Zumba club, you may think you know a great deal about dance and its usefulness in culture. Surprisingly few people have a comprehensive knowledge of dance, though, even among the members of the Arthur Murray dance studio. Here are three things you might not have picked up about dance that might change how you look at your local studio:

1. Ballroom Dancing Lessons May Be Better Than You Thought

Ballroom dance has always been seen as an activity that requires refinement and practice, but perhaps it is time to look at it as more than that. Ballroom dancing has now been recognized as an Olympic sport, which is certainly a sharp contrast to the stuffy air it gave off before. The energetic, vigorous aerobic exercise that goes on during ballroom dancing has qualified it as a sport, so perhaps it is something you ought to consider working into your workout schedule.

2. Ballroom Dance May Be Older Than You Thought

Surely as long as there have been traditional weddings, there have been wedding dances, but ballroom dance may be an older convention than you suspected. Late in the 17th century, specific rules were set down for ballroom dancing by the current king of France. It existed before that, but even so, that ruling set down what may be interpreted as the birth of modern ballroom dance. That makes ballroom dance older than America!

3. Dancing Benefits More than Your Muscles

Another big benefit of dancing that has been uncovered recently is that it can really help you de-stress. Studies have found that dance can significantly reduce your daily stress levels, so perhaps it could be a good way to blow off steam after work or school. What do you think about dance? For more, read this link.

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