Places to Rent for Wedding Receptions

Selecting the right wedding venue for the ceremony and reception is paramount to having a memorable event. Choosing the most suitable place to rent will require you to consider numerous factors. The following is some help with narrowing down your options, along with a list of the best tips to find places to rent for wedding receptions.

1. Zero in on your budget.

Your budget is the initial thing to consider before looking for places to rent for wedding receptions. Thus, you’ll need to review your income and expenses to find the disposable income you can use for the event. Secondly, you’ll need to exhaust all your options for outside funding before you come up with the total.

Check with your local bank, family members, and interested parties to see if they will contribute to the cause or lend you money to support it. Next, add the funds you’ve collected to your disposable income to reach the final figure. Use that figure when searching for places to rent for wedding receptions and stay within the parameters.

2. Count the number of potential guests.

Knowing how many potential guests you have will help you to understand the appropriate venue size, but you might have to estimate the number of guests. However, you can send a pre-event RSVP for the most accurate results.

This type of RSVP doesn’t have a location listed. It will only include an event name, estimated date, and the question of whether the person will attend. You can explain in your message that you’re trying to gauge the number of possible attendants for the official event. Once you know the numbers, you can use the venue size to find the best places to rent for wedding receptions.

3. Envision the most fantastic event.

Close your eyes and envision a fascinating wedding reception you could have. During this process, you must connect with your inner desires to paint a picture of what you want. You’ll need to consider several aspects of your vision while you ponder it. Ask yourself if you see an outside or inside event. Think about whether nature plays a vast or limited role in your vision. Furthermore, think deeply about the themes and colors you see in your picture.

4. Get some ideas from professionals.

Professionals such as wedding event planners, decorators, and coordinators can assist you with choosing the right type of venue. They can give you an objective opinion about the most suitable option for your situation.

It might be wise to schedule a consultation with one of those professionals so that you can receive an objective opinion to consider along with the other factors. You might appreciate the services so much that you hire one of these parties to play a more significant role in helping you plan your event.

5. Consider the top reception venue picks

The next step is to consider going in the direction of some top wedding venue picks. These are some of the most vastly chosen traditional and non-traditional places to rent for wedding receptions:

Churches: Many people have their receptions at the exact locations of their weddings. Thus, they might choose to have them at a traditional house of worship. You can select a church as one of the best places to rent for wedding receptions if you have conventional values and preferences.

Hotel Ballrooms: Hotel ballrooms are other popular traditional venues. They are often spacious and versatile enough for the coordinators to set up many fantastic themes.

Parks: Parks are exceptional choices for wedding receptions for several reasons. For one, they give each guest a healthy dose of fresh air. Secondly, they are visually gorgeous, and lastly, they don’t require inventory from furniture stores or huge setups. The aesthetics of a well-built park is often appealing enough.

Golf Courses: Golf clubs are non-traditional choices for wedding receptions, but they can work well among wealthy individuals. They often have acres of astounding grounds and golf courses the guests can participate in playing golf on.

Aquariums: Aquariums are attractive places to go because of the water scenes, tropical fish, and mesmerizing scenery. You might consider having your reception there if most of your guests appreciate marine life.

Beaches: Beaches are some of the most gorgeous places to rent for wedding receptions. People love the beach because of the beautiful water, life-giving sun rays, exciting boardwalks, and adventurous activities. Your choice to make the beach your reception venue will be a great one because of the comprehensive list of benefits it offers.

Theme Parks: A theme park might be an excellent place for a wedding reception venue if you’re a kid at heart who loves exhilarating elements like roller coaster rides and theme park shows.

Castles: Walking through the gates of a famous castle is another option to consider for your next wedding venue. It’s an original idea that can offer unique experiences and tidbits of cultural history.

Rooftop Terraces: Rooftop terraces are romantic, secluded, and affordable. You can create a gorgeous outside reception area without worrying about clashing with other receptions or events. Be careful to practice safety if you choose this method, however.

Clubs and Bars: Clubs and bars might be excellent places to rent for wedding receptions because of the package that comes along with them. Your guests will have access to fantastic music, a floor to dance on, good food, and other entertainment. Many people enjoy going to clubs and bars that don’t have wedding receptions going on in them. Therefore, you can’t go wrong selecting one for your event.

Theaters: Theaters are an interesting choice for wedding receptions, as they provide lots of space for activities and a big screen for movies or a different presentation. For example, you might want to post pictures of the happy couple’s relationship story or separate biographies. The possibilities are endless.

Campgrounds: Think about getting some wedding tent rentals and setting up your event at a popular campground. Camping experiences can be exciting, sentimental, and memorable all at the same time.

6. Gather input from related parties.

Next, you can gather input from the people involved in the event. For example, you can consult with family members, friends, and concerned parties about the best places to set up the reception. Then you can match their ideas with your ideas of a perfect event. Considering opinions from several sources will make the decision-making process equal and level.

7. Consider the amenities and entertainment.

Now you know the best places to rent for wedding receptions. The next step is to make a list of all the amenities and entertainment you want to have at your reception. You’ll need to decide on elements such as catering and where you want to get the food from. The food type is also essential, because you want to choose foods everyone will love.

You can choose from a few different avenues for your entertainment. For instance, you can hire a live band or performer or choose a venue with a DJ.

Maybe you want to add alternative entertainment, like a standup comic, magic show, or something different. Now is the time to list those things so that you can choose a venue that aligns with it or makes it easy for you to incorporate it into the program.

8. Search for deals and discounts.

As a consumer, you will naturally want to get the best prices for the products and services you request. Therefore, you’ll want to grab a fantastic process for reserving the best places to rent for wedding receptions. There are several ways you can get deals and discounts on your wedding reception venue, and these are a few of them:

Provider Offers: Some providers offer special pricing to new clients to incentivize them to sign up for rentals. You may want to check the websites for such offers.

Club Memberships: Sometimes, certain memberships, statuses, or products can give you special access to discount pricing. Some examples are military affiliations, senior citizenship, roadside assistance membership, or credit union membership.

Promotional Codes: You may find a few legitimate promotional codes online that will give you access to excellent pricing for your event.

Off-Season/Advance Rentals: Discount pricing might be available if you rent the venue at an unusual part of the year or off-peak period. For example, the fall might be the right time for a discount at a facility most popular in the summer tourist months.

Bundle Deals: Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a venue that offers bundle deals. For example, they might provide a physical room or space plus services like catering, music, or tree care for outside events.

9. Decide what matches the climate.

Different venues are more suitable for different climates. A venue with pools is an excellent choice in a place that primarily has a warm-to-hot environment. Pools wouldn’t be such a good idea in a polar area.

10. Select a date.

Choose the best date for your wedding reception. It should line up with you and your spouse’s free dates, the availability of your guests, and what matches the venue’s blank scheduling dates.

11. Search online and create a venue candidate list.

Once you determine your needs and preferences, you can search for venue candidates. Search types include search engine searches, word-of-mouth inquiries, and newspaper and phone book listings. You should list at least three but no more than five venues to compare. That way, you’ll have enough options but not so many that choosing one is extremely difficult.

12. Review websites and consumer reviews.

The next step after creating your list is to review the websites of all eligible venues. Look for each site’s service information, company history, testimonials, and contact information. This process will help you gather the data needed to make a well-informed decision.

Rank each site according to your discovery and then move on to the proceeding part of the process: reaching out to prospects.

13. Reach out to possible venues.

Call each prospective venue to get a feel for their customer service style and availability. You should be able to eliminate a few names based on the way they handle your contact.

14. Ask about prices, packages, and insurance.

Once you get someone on the phone, you can ask about the rental prices, packages, and coverage you’ll receive if you choose to purchase their services. You can then eliminate providers based on your budgeting limits, preference list, and other factors. Set up a meeting with the two venues that are on the list after you complete your vetting process.

15. Walk through each facility.

The walk-through will show you aspects that phone conversations and website visits won’t show. For instance, you’ll get to gauge the cleanliness of the facility and meet the staff members who give it personality. You’ll also have a chance to speak to the administrators to find out how they will contribute to making this occasion special for you and your guests. You should have all the facts and information you need to choose the ‘winning’ venue after your walk-through.

16. Do a picture-worthiness check.

Picture worthiness is a thing in these modern times. Thus, the venue you choose must offer plenty of opportunities for you and your guests to take snapshots to share on social media pages. Check all prospective venues for adequate picture-worthiness and rank them in order of how well you can capture interesting shots and videos.

15. Choose after your consultation ends.

After completing all the other steps, you’ll be ready to choose number one from the best places to rent for wedding receptions. Your decision will be perfect because you will have taken your time and considered all essential factors before diving into a rental. Your patience and careful planning will ensure that your event goes well and your guests enjoy themselves enough to talk about its greatness for years.

You can successfully find places to rent for wedding receptions using the information outlined above. The key to a successful journey is to avoid rushing through the process. Take your time and find the location that will give you the most enjoyable memories and the longest-lasting legacy.

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