New Books From Wayland Publishing

The Forever Green Tree

“Edgar was a playful rabbit.” So begins The Forever-Green Tree, the story of the changing of the seasons and one little bunny’s attempt to keep the colder, shorter days of autumn and winter away. This children’s picture book is fully illustrated, and filled with adventures and lessons for all who read it.

We Are All the Same Inside:

Tenth Anniversary Edition
Using a multi-media format, readers are introduced to Sage-an alien with no outside skin-who explores diversity and teaches that we are all the same on the inside. This publication was originally released in 2000 and won a Christoper Award nomination for Best Children’s Picture Book.

The Inside Story

The Inside Story is a colorfully illustrated picture book commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Sage and the acclaimed doll-making workshop. Children are introduced to Sage – an alien with no outside skin – who explores diversity and teaches that “we are all the same on the inside”.

Pieces of Ice

Although Pieces of Ice has illustrations, simple language, and point of view seemingly through the eyes of a child, the reader quickly realizes that the book is not for a child. There are tales of humiliation, parental indifference, religious intolerance, an abusive lover, even a bout with skin cancer – all of which somehow ride the line between sadness and hilarity.

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