Ideas for Unique Small Gifts

What are some unique small gifts that you can get for friends or family? There are some occasions where cute little gifts can be a lot more meaningful then something expensive. If you’re looking for ideas for filling gift baskets or inexpensive stocking stuffers, here are some unique small gifts and little gift ideas to get you started.

Ice Cream Sundae Basket

This can cost as much is you want or be as cheap as you need. Obviously, you’re not going to put the actual ice cream in here. But you could fill it with all the things your friends or family will need in order to make amazing ice cream sundaes. try several different kinds of sauces, unique spoons, custom made plastic dishes, special napkins, sprinkles, pretzels, and candy. If kids are involved, don’t forget the gummy bears. It also get a special ice cream scoop, as well.

The Minis

Mini versions of regular items are always cool and unique small gifts that people will enjoy. What about the world’s smallest vacuum? Offer it as a unique way of cleaning up your desk. Many foam soccer balls can provide office or home entertainment. Miniature UNO cards can be used on long trips. A small painting set can get someone started on a big hobby.

New Mom Basket

If someone’s about to be a new mom, you can be sure that the baby shower gifts are going to include things like strollers, diapers, and super cute onesies. Why not give a basket that specifically for the new mom? Include some practical stuff like some nice nail polish or a parenting guidebook. Includes some even more practical stuff like nice chocolate. And then include something else impractical but fun, like a desktop Zen garden or tiny margarita glasses she can use to count down the days until she can have a drink again.

Light it Up

We usually think about sparklers and fireworks at 4 July, but also sparklers can be a great gift for all kinds of occasions. Heart sparklers can liven up a wedding or anniversary celebration. Fun sparklers are available for birthday parties and housewarmings. Sparklers come in lots of different colors and make fun and unique small gifts.

The Breakfast Basket

Do you have a friend who loves breakfast? Probably you do, so why not give them a special breakfast basket with a small container of quality maple syrup, locally butchered bacon, and a small bag of gourmet pancake mix. Even better, make the pancake mix yourself. If you want to really spice it up at some interesting jellies and jams or some wild honey. Include some flavored coffee or specialty tea.

Reflect Their Loves

Show someone how well you know them by giving them a clever gift that reflects the things they love. Are they addicted to Apple products? Get them a hip flask that looks like an iPhone. Do they love the edge pieces of their brownies? Now you can get them a brownie pan that produces pieces that all have edges. Are they totally into bulletproof coffee? Get them a self-stirring mug.

Stocking Stuffers

Some of the most unique small gifts end up as stocking stuffers. Stumped for what to put in your loved one’s stocking? You can get them tiny tubes of tea from around the world. Earrings with the flower of their birth month or with their birthstone. Stickers to make their iPhone charger unique. Kits for making their own hot sauce, or even a unique penknife.

These are just a few ideas for unique small gifts. There are plenty more, so get out there and get looking. The right little gifts for the people in your life are just waiting to be found.

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