Five Fabulous Reasons to Use Video in Your Business’ SEO Strategy

Video marketing tips

There’s no denying that creating video content has quickly become the most advantageous and effective way to market one’s business on the web. More consumers than ever are watching videos on the Internet than ever before — YouTube alone gets more than four billion hits on its videos on an average day.

So if your business could use an extra boost in its online presence, video is one of the few guaranteed ways to connect with consumers on a massive scale.

Here are five of the best reasons why you should be incorporating quality video content into your business’ search engine optimization strategy:

1. Video SEO optimization is effective: Currently, the algorithms that determine the rankings on Google’s search engine results heavily favor video marketing content over traditional text-based SEO content. Web pages with video content are, on average, 50 times more likely to be organically ranked in a Google search than those without video.

2. Video is shareable: Much of the appeal for video content to consumers is that videos are easily shareable on pretty much every major social media outlet. People like sharing and discussing video they find funny and entertaining with their friends. In turn, this generates more buzz for your business — never a bad thing!

3. Web users prefer video to text: Just one minute of video for SEO is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Let that statistic sink in for a second. This is because the human brain responds to visuals more rapidly than it does to text, meaning we’re biologically wired to prefer videos.

4. Video for SEO is easy to track: Using video for SEO is a fabulous tool because it allows you to closely track and analyze the number of views, shares and comments your videos get. This lets you get a sense of what works and what doesn’t almost immediately.

5. Video builds brands: Using video SEO services isn’t just a tool to get your website higher in the search engine rankings — it also creates an audiovisual palette for your business’ brand that consumers will remember and come back to. This may just be the best advantage of creating video content for the web. More research here.

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