Do You Have What It Takes to be a Successful, Creative YouTube Musician?

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So you’ve decided you want to become a YouTube star. Congratulations! You probably have a phone or computer camera ready to go. You might even have a song or two that you’d like to play and post. But do you how to create and promote compelling music videos? Do you know about the best methods for building a YouTube presence as a musician?

If the answer is no, fear not. Everyone has to start somewhere. And on sites like YouTube and Vevo, smaller, undiscovered, or developing artists actually get 9.7% of all artist views.

There are a few tricks every would-be creative YouTube musician should have up their sleeves to start building an online presence and attracting a crowd of followers. Here are a few to get you started.

Have a personality. That doesn’t necessarily mean “be yourself” — though that’s certainly a good place to start. Every musician on YouTube needs their shtick, or something that will set them apart from the crowd. Even if it’s the weird way you laugh when you mess up or your uncanny ability to play a clarinet through your left ear hole, let your idiosyncrasies shine through so that viewers will remember you.

Engage with other vlogger musicians. It can be a lonely world out there on the Internet. Develop a relationship with other like-minded creative YouTube musicians, not only for support when you need it, but to talk strategy or plan a potential collaboration down the road.

Don’t skimp on sound quality. If you think your computer microphone is enough to capture a quality recording of a band, you are wrong. Investing in even a few affordable microphones can give your audio a professional edge that will set you help set you apart from the amateur crowd.

Ready to jump in? Remember, most of all, that building an audience and a following takes time and dedication. Don’t expect the record contracts to come flying in after your first post. Stay connected, stay engaged, and eventually you’ll find your own little corner of the Internet where you can share your talents with people who are eager to listen. Read more about this topic at this link.

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