10 Mistakes to Avoid When Beginning Digital Photography

There could be 100 reasons you want to be beginning digital photography. You may want digital photography to be your hobby, or you might want to use it to earn an income or grow your social media profile. Whatever your reason is for wanting to get into digital photography, you can learn a lot from the existing mistakes people make. These are the most common errors in digital photography and what you can do to avoid making the same errors.

1. Only Using Automatic Settings

One mistake people make when beginning digital photography is leaving their cameras on automatic or default settings. Automatic settings use software specifications to calculate the features they will change before the user snaps a shot. Default settings are the ones the camera resorts to if the user does not prompt it to do anything else.

It would help if you used neither of these settings. Instead, you should play around with the device and learn the ins and outs of the camera before taking the first picture. Modern standalone and mobile cameras have many features that can be useful when snapping shots of a family event, tree removal, or some local roofers you wish to immortalize.

The list of features you might find on your digital camera is vast and contains way too many features to discuss at once. However, we can talk about a few. Shutter speed is an example of a setting that needs to be right to take the best pictures. You can miss important expressions or details if the shutter speed setting is too quick or slow.

The HDR setting allows you to take your picture in high-definition. A high-definition can offer much more clarity and detailing than a standard setting. You’ll be able to enjoy crystal clear, high-quality images.

The ISO setting concerns the light sensitivity. This feature is also important when trying to get the best quality. Your camera most likely has many settings, and you will need to experiment with all of them, so you’ll know what you can use to your advantage and what you can’t use. Once you have that information, you’ll make decisions that will make all of your pictures much more marketable.

2. Using Cheap Lenses

Proper budgeting and frugality are important when beginning digital photography. However, being too frugal can be a mistake because you might sacrifice quality, which is crucial. Don’t listen to those who tell you that lenses don’t matter or that cheap ones do the trick. These comments are untrue.

Professional lenses are sharper and can capture various moving and non-moving individuals. It’s the most suitable product for you if you want to capture premium shots of a local roofer and other contractors visiting your home or establishment. You should seriously consider sifting through your features to see what’s available to you and then using all of them to your advantage as you take the pictures that will eventually help you grow your career or hobby.

3. Shooting at One Height Level

Many digital photographers also make the mistake of only shooting from one height level. The height they shoot from is usually their height. That’s fine for regular pictures, but aspiring photographers should always be willing to try new angles and heights.

There’s a lot of action on lower levels that can be captured and used in amazing ways. For example, effective pictures of a water well would require the photographer to take the photos from lower to the ground. Getting a good shot of a high rise or airplane might require a higher level.

You don’t have to make this mistake, even if you’re starting. You can practice taking shots from different angles of your phone. Take your time and go out one day prepared to take some good pictures from various positions. You don’t have to plan to use the pictures for anything. Make your session a strict practice run, and grab as many shots as possible. When you’re finished, you can sift through your photos and find the best heights and angles to know what to aim for the next time you go out.

4. Using a Single Composition Style

Another common mistake beginning online photography people make is sticking to a single composition style and never switching or experimenting. Being versatile is the only way to determine your best work. Therefore, you need to try new things and review the responses you get from such material.

Try different composition styles for each project you do. The style you use for a picture of security gates might be completely different from the one you use for a beach sunset. Unless you try various compositions and styles, you won’t know which picture others will like.

If one composition works well, try it again. If it’s successful again, try it a third time. If something doesn’t work, try something else. It’s the only way to truly know what works for you as an artist and what doesn’t. You’ll be glad you took the time to figure out your sweet spot because it will give you more clarity in future projects.

5. Staying in Your Comfort Zone

Many beginning online photography people tend to stay in their comfort zone when taking photos. Digital photography is not a good place to stay in one’s comfort zone. The goal of any photographer is to take shots that other people will marvel. Some take pictures in hopes that someone will want to use them on their website, and others seek to earn pay. The best way to earn pay is to leave your comfort zone and take challenging pictures.

Take a picture of a bobcat, alligator, or mean dog, for example. Be willing to go into the water and get close-ups of the waves. Shots like that are rare and will more likely make your pictures go viral.

6. Trespassing

Too many beginning digital photography practitioners get overly excited about taking pictures in new places. They often forget that they must abide by laws and regulations when doing so. Thus, many people end up trespassing on homes and business owners accidentally. Be sure not to do that when you start your digital photography journey.

Trespassing can have stiff consequences, depending on which state you live in. Most trespassing crimes are classified as misdemeanors, which means you can get fined and even placed in jail if you trespass. Then, you’ll need an attorney to get you out of the hot water, and that won’t be good for your budget.

7. Failing to Use a Tripod

Many people fail to use a tripod when beginning digital photography. A tripod can be your best friend until you develop the master steady hand to produce perfect stills. You can grab a used or inexpensive tripod to start with. It does not have to be fancy or high-tech, just something to hold your camera in place. Tripods are most effective when you intend to take timed pictures. They can also be great for pictures you want to involve yourself in. Furthermore, they can help you capture events like puppy training and ensure you get a perfect picture.

Start shopping at camera shops to see what you can come up with, and match your budget with it accordingly. You might be surprised at the vast selection of tripods available on your current budget. It might be more than you could ever hope for.

Use your tripod to take the stillest and crispest photos for your amazing collection and then share them with the world. You might have some gems in your collection you never thought would amount to anything, and you might be pleasantly surprised by their success.

8. Not Learning Camera Settings

Probably the biggest mistake beginning digital photography specialists make is not learning their camera settings. You will be truly missing out if you don’t take the time to learn what your camera can do. Photography is so advanced these days that even the most inexpensive cameras are capable of much more than their owners realize.

Learning the features of your camera is paramount to your success as a photographer. However, getting to know your camera’s settings does not have to be burdensome. You can find information about your settings and how they work by reading your user’s manual. You can also take the initiative and go into the settings menu to see how everything works. You’ll find everything from shutter time settings to lighting, filtering, and speed settings.

Anyone who wants to become a master of a craft needs to figure out how to work the equipment first. So, consider yourself a new student who needs to rise to the next level. Go outside and take pictures of concrete contractors or construction workers doing their jobs. Change the settings each time you want to take pictures. You’ll see the difference in quality as you take more shots, and you’ll figure out a way to make your camera work for you.

9. Only Shooting Static Subjects

One more common mistake people make when beginning online photography is that they only take easy shots of people and things that remain still at all times. You’re not alone if you’re someone who tends to do that. However, there’s a new world of moving pictures for you. Taking snapshots of moving people and objects will allow you to capture rarer shots than you might be accustomed to. The rare shots end up going viral and garnering the most attention out of all pictures.

You can find the opportunity to get people in motion at many venues and events. For example, you can visit an athletics facility and catch a picture of someone going for an amazing jump shot at a basketball game. You can visit a community swimming pool and take pictures of the people doing their laps. You might even catch a car race or park your car and get pictures of some drivers going past. All these things are possible with the excellent technology of most newer cameras. You have to figure out how all of your features work. Once you figure that out, you’ll be well on your way to taking some amazingly memorable shots.

10. Keeping Photos to Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes people make in beginning digital photography is keeping their pictures to themselves. This action might be due to embarrassment or insecurity. However, there are better ways to break into digital photography. If people want to do something productive with their pictures, they must share them.

Sharing digital photos can be effective in many ways. For one, they can help new digital photographers get the feedback they need to improve their photo-taking. The act can also get the pictures onto the internet, so others can see them. A photographer never knows how someone else will react to a photographer. One good picture can go viral and be seen and appreciated by millions. However, that can’t happen if the person who takes the picture doesn’t show it to anyone.

Remember that you have to share your work if you want anyone to appreciate, buy, or share it. Don’t keep them to yourself, even if you don’t think they’re good enough. Someone else might cherish a picture you dislike. You never know; they might say your picture is good enough to turn into law enforcement decals or car stickers. Some others might offer you a paid job taking pictures for their blog or memoirs.

You can show your pictures to a trusted friend first to get the positive feedback you need. Then, you can post it on your social media sites to get additional exposure. You can also join some forums and ask others for their opinions on your pictures. You can choose to take several avenues, but avoid taking the one where you hide your heart from the world and never show anyone your talents.

Now you’re aware of all the most common mistakes people make when they begin digital photography. You can now take the steps necessary to avoid making the same mistakes in your journey. Use the information above so that you will have a successful journey as a digital photographer, and remember to have fun.

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